My favourite red Cuvée of the year

A beauty from Eger: Kisfiam Cuvée 2011 from Bukolyi Family Estate. 

Winemaker is the young Marcell Bukolyi, a purposful personality, who makes natural wines, on the best vineyards of Eger wine region. His father László Bukolyi was also a key member of the region's wine life. They have a nice family estate, there are no huge quantities, just the suitable for the high quality.
I was lucky because Marcell said only a few bottle left of this vintage. After I tasted the wine, I read a recommendation - which was published in 2012 - and I found that it went through many changes over two years. Perfect tannin structure, nice eger style acids, scent - as the taste also -  spicy and rich fruity. Maybe the reason why it was overwhelming for me, is that at summertime I wish fruity and a little bit sweet flavors. It gave me this wealth, with pruriency, temtation, and I am curious about the 2013 vintage, which is currently on the shelfs.

Varieties: Kékfrankos, Merlot, Cabernet Franc
Alcohol: 15%
Oh and Kisfiam means "My little son"


100 years old purple

Last week, when I have visited a winery in Mátra Wine region, I found an eye-catching object on a track's platform. 
Its vivid purple colour was so flash, so I had to look, what is it. 


The winery was Szőke Mátyás & Zoltán Winery and Matyi Bácsi said to me, these are pieces (or staves) of a 100 years old barrel! I took pictures of course, because these veterans deserve a little spotlight after such a long service! 

And check it out, how wonderful colours can be production of nature! As if these beautiful purple colors would be the thanks from the wine to the barrel, for positive effects, for tannins, nice flavors...



Summer feeling

Sunshine and flower perfumes gleam among the vineyards. I like this pink-green scenery in Tokaj Hétszőlő Winery's slope. This is a tipical combination pleasant and useful, because rose bushes are planted next to the grapes, because it can indicate diseases early. And of course the because of the scenery and the fragrances!  I took this pics last weekend, when we tasted some late harvest from Tokaj region. Some of them were creamy and honeyed like Tündérkönny 2011 (Tokaj Wine Trust Winery) and others are realy fresh and summery sweet like Katinka 2011 from Patricius Winery.  I encourage everyone te be engrossed in world of Tokaj late harvests.



We are here again! The blog one-year birthday is over, and after the break Winelli continues impressions from Hungarian wine and design world.

It is Spring, the time of fresh ideas, new projects, events, colours, flavors…!

This picture was taken in Gyöngyöspata, foot of Mátra mountain. Historical wine region with nice white wines. Next post will reported about this beautiful land.


Paper bottle

I am a supporter of environmental protection, and I read with interest about Paperboy. However its practical side is doubtful considering the quality of the wine. Or just narrow-minded part of me say that...?

"Paperboy is about as green as it’s possible to make a wine bottle. It’s made out of a compressed recycled paper, printed with natural inks and the inside contains a recyclable sleeve like you find in a box of wine. The bottles are rigid and strong – are even icebucket safe for three hours – and take only 15% of the energy that regular bottles take to produce. They weigh only an ounce when empty so save a huge amount of energy on shipping."

 Photos from Paperboy's homepage Stranger and Stranger. 


Szepsy won a prestigious award

István Szepsy won the "Les Seigneur du Vin" honor on World Wine Symposium.

Perhaps no one correct me if I say he is the most prestigious member of the Hungarian wine makers, who justly won this award. I met him first in a tourism conference a few years ago, where he talked about Tokaj wines as hungaricum. I heard his voice and saw his stature for the first time, but I never forget. A tiny figure man with long winemaking history, and engaging personality. I said before about „autenticitiy” what is the most important for me in wine, and this is why I like the whole world of wine making. Well, if somebody doesn’t know what I am talking about, listen to how he yarns about Tokaj and Mád.

About this award: The World Wine Symposium, created by François Mauss, president and founder of the Grand Jury Européen, was born from the simple desire to create a global forum of reference for the principal actors within the world of fine wine: producers, suppliers, distributors, négociants, journalists, politicians and connoisseurs. This event is hallmarked by wine Godfathers like  Aubert de Villaine (Domaine de la Romanée-Conti), Angelo Gaja, Egon Müller, Pablo Alvarè  (Vega Sicilia). "Wine is not simply a commercial commodity, rather, it is a product infused with historical and cultural dimensions that must be protected and defended."

Congratulation to the Master!



Multi-dimensional cuvée from Eger

A pleasant opening of a foggy and unloved month is a fiery Merlot, Cabernet franc and Syrah blend. I got it as a present from a nice friend, and my father's nameday was the appropriate time to open.
This red mystery takes us to a world full of autumn colors, spicy fragrances. Orsolya Winery from Eger wine region (Ostoros) produces wine in small batches and high quality. When I smell it is nice and hopeful, red aromas with liqueur, and in the tasting moment reminds me varied spicy and exciting red fruit flavours. The second sip opens up a new dimension with blackcurrant and caraway.
I wonder what would it show one or two years later.

Name: Százrejtekű
Year: 2009
Alcohol: 14%


What kind of wine is it?

How great is when a grape variety get a whole month to show what it knows! After February of Furmint an other wine is in the spotlight: Olaszrizling! If I translate, it is "Italian" "Riesling" but it is not related to Riesling, and its origin is contested. The grape is known as Welschriesling in Europe, but Wales is a blind track also. Grasevina, laski rizling are also its names in the Central Europe. For Hungarians it isn't so complicated, because it is grown on 4600 hectares (largest area cultivated white wine) and can be found almost every of our wine regions.  The reason is after the phylloxera it is cultivated replace other wines, because has excellent features. I have been reported about virtues of Olaszrizling in an earlier post.

"If you visit Hungary, you can find wine regions with different soils and climate only a few kilometers apart. That's why we love olaszrizling, because every one is a single universe."

I took this photo in Badacsony Wine Region, from the Csobánc mountain. Lake Balaton is on the background, and Badacsony and Gulács volcanic cones. It is just one of the best growing sites of Olaszrizling, and what a beauty diverse, isn't it? The wine which can represent this beautiful landscape int our glasses, deserves attention for a month, or more.

So in October all eyes on Olaszrizling, lot of bar, restaurant, wine saler give possibility to taste. The big taste is on 19th October, in Gerbaud House. More information: olaszrizlingoktober.hu


One thought about design week

Budapest Design Week is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year, which is shown our cultural development. It is not always an easy job to prevail in the international arena so high standard events like this are beneficial our cultural judgement. However it is the most joyful for me, that more and more people visit these events. A few years ago we - people outside the design profession - don't know about these programs, and an average urban people don't know about our fashion designers. We knew famous Italian, American... brands, but today organized fashion shows are sold out and the daily press report about them. Free design tours are available in Budapest, and uncountable events are held. The profession might not see such brightly as I, but it is a positive impression to the audience.


Sauska on Decanter World Wine Awards!

What a pleasure to tell you this good news, that a red wine from Villány got a gold medal on Decanter World Wine Award! Exactly 2009 Sauska ‘Cuvee 5’ won the international trophy for best Red Bordeaux varietal over £15. 

We already posted about Sauska winery earlier, about what an elegant style wines they have, and I am so glad that they were rewarded on international platform also! I hope that the beauties of this wine region will be more attention from now. 

Let we see some info about the champion.

"A blend of  Merlot (45%), Cabernet Sauvignon (35%) and Cabernet Franc (20%). Deep ruby color. Fresh red and black currants, violets, good milk chocolate and cocoa powder in the nose.On the palate, the 2009 Cuvee 5 expresses wonderful concentration of red forest fruit which has a subtle way of lingering into a long lasting finish." (sauska.hu)





Aftersummer feeling is always a strange mood for me, but I have to realize that autumn brings the best programs in wine world. We are happy because grape berries ripened, harvests are in progress and a lot of new wine waiting for us. And immediately reminds me another reason for women, new fall/winter collections of fashion designers. The weather is a little cloudy now but a glass of white wine outdoors in a maxiskirt and a sweater is not a bad idea I think.

One of the programs in September is Etyek Picnic will be held next weekend and it is worth to leave the city. (only 30 km from Budapest)  Instead of the previous wine festival in Etyek, Picnic is held four times a year and this family-style event wants the seasons to show, the best Hungarian wine and gastronomic delights. If you do not heard about the region it is important to know that excellent fresh, reductive wines it has. White wines have exciting acids so especially suitable for making champagne. Hungarian champagnes and sparkling wines based on these vineyards. 

Other buzz is the Wine Festival in Buda Castle which is THE wine festival in Hungary. The theme of the 2013 festival is "Woman and wine - Beauties on their own right!" At this event the whole wine maker society is presented, so the best place to taste anything we want! My best practice that two weeks before the fest I make a list collected over the year, otherwise the 200 exhibitor and more hundred wine swallow me!  Wine University, prestigious music events, the day of Hungarian jazz, folk dance gala and Portugal as guest country also add color to the event. 

I think I convince myself, that fall is not so bad, hope you agree!


My nose became rose colour...

Long break, but my excuse is lot of work and experience with wines, which kept away from my computer and from worldwideweb. I m coming from the most beautiful items, to share with you.

First beauty is a Rose from Mátra Historical Wine Region (Otherwise Mátra is our highest mountain which saves the southern slopes.)

The wine won a silver medal in VinAgora International Wine Festival in June. (The jury is composed of highly experienced individuals who have a long background in judging samples at international wine competitions.) The truth is this bottle didn't get to me intentionally. I tasted it by coincidence, but the random will be the greatest success, won't it?

Smell is so deep with raspberry orgy, they had to say me to "hurry" taste because it warm up, but I would have been with fragrance long-long time... I felt as inside my nose became rose colour... as I would sniff its colour. Beautiful! Taste is also deep, and my picture from the bottle is not the best because its colour is more darker! The depth of this rose grabbed me, want to drink it everyday.