Celebrities' wines or wine celebrities?

When I heard that Roger Federer is the new brand embassador of Moet & Chandon I think how perfect brand partnership. Federer's humble, elegant gentleman style is the best pairing with the 270 years old champagne house, as they wrote "the most exciting partnerships ever between two worldwide icons". Previously Scarlett Johansson was also a good character with her deeply rooted feminity.

Nowadays you can read about Angelina Jolie's winery in Provence, which is a surprise for me, unlike Antonio Banderas' Bodegas (Spanish name of winery) or Sting owned Il Palagio winery from Tuscany (also produced honey, olive oil and other bio products).

About wine I always looking for authenticity. There are many of platitudes and cliches in connection with wine marketing, which distort the image. Lot of people say wine sell itself and I agree with it partly, but this is unimportant. Sometimes big items has modest advertisement and inversely. It is not easy to seek credibility, but I think we need to walk with opened eyes (and taste buds) to discover the best products for us. They may be found in an international wine tasting, or on a holiday where could not be expected. And this is the most beautiful in wine world, you can always count on novelties.

Perhaps actors and performers looking for their authenticity in wine world? 

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