What's happening in Central Europe?


Good news that design competitions and awards nowadays shake up the cultural life of Hungary. Some fashion brand became popular in a short time, and the number of followers increasing. 

One of the most popular and succesful competetion is "Gombold újra!" - Fashion days, which this year thouch the whole Central Europe.

"The aim of the initiative is to give the opportunity to the most talented designers from the Central European region – more specifically the ‘Visegrád Group’ of the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary – to showcase their work on a platform to which international buyers and managers of concept stores and showrooms are invited. In this context our goal is to connect them to the mainstream fashion world by giving them the chance to have their collections purchased around the world." 

The essence of the competition is to create high-quality clothes inspired by Central European traditions.

The competition start in 2011 on the occassion of the Hungarian Presidency of the EU and today it is one the of most famous fashion event. I think the secret of succes is the fresh and the multicolour ideas. Plus we love our national motifs and colours of course.

Last year's the winner Anett Farkas, who was inspired by the shingle and a famous Hungarian architect Imre Makovecz.

Photo from origo.hu
Photo from panoramio.com

This is only one from the best inspirations (more:  2012 tenders) and I can't wait the 2013 tenders
If you are in Budapest at 8 June 2013. you can visit Millenáris Exhibition Hall to see the fashion show. 


An other grandiose program is VinCE Budapest, the biggest wine exhibition with wines from Hungary and Central Europe.
More hundred wine can be tasted, experts hold masterclasses, sommeliers, restaurant owners, wine merchants, wine makers and we who love wine! No matter whether we are professionals or consumers, this program is enjoyable for everyone.

I think about beneficial effects of these programs. In the furure we may talk about CE brands, we can get to know the materpieces of our neighbours, we can form our relationships... 
Our knowledge is a little bit gappy, because we are up in French gastronomy or Italian fashion designers but e.g. croatian wines, and polish designers not really. And the main point is not that we "have to know CEs" but are we curious? My answer is yes because there are many hidden cultural treasure, and what is the best if not the diversity of wine and design world. 
In 2012 Buda Castle Wine Festival guest was Croatia. We tasted a red wine from Dalmatia, savour a special salty taste, as I walking near the sea... It was completely different from somló wines salty flavour or any of our mineral wines. 
This memory is floating in front of me when imagine undiscovered "CE treasures". 

If you interested in this kind of events don' t hesitate to write me: winelliblog@gmail.com

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