Eat, drink in March

After a long absence I face some great gastro program in March.

11/03 PASTA opening
More hundred of students in Budapest could be grateful for LEVES - take out restaurant, means 'SOUP'- which save our stomach from unhealthy fast foods, and give some "flavourful and delicious warmth" every day. (If you haven't try it, don't be afraid of the crowd at the entrance.) What could be better news that the team open a new restaurant PASTA, tomorrow! (Location: Kálvin 2.)

Photo from: http://www.facebook.com/levespont

16-17/03 Wineferry Festival
Wine tasting on boat... Sounds good, and this is new for me. As I read we can enjoy our 22 wine regions' flavour and the view of the Danube and meet with wine makers. (You can board the ship at Jászai Mari square station)
I want to go.


Macaron trend is billowing across Europe. I was suprised when I know that it is a French cake, because one of my teacher in the collage talked us about its history from Venice. Today I know that in Italy in the Middle Ages maccaron was every tiny cookies with almond and albumen. And the French confectionery culture developed it to a "cult" sweet.
20/03 will be the Hungarian macaron day in Budapest, Akvárium Klub. Yes, I know it isn't a hungarian special, but several qualitative pastry shop show their beauties, so why we miss it?

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