Nice experience from Argentina

After a few week offline period, lot of wine tasting we are recharged!
Some of them a Chardonnay and a Malbec from Argentina with sooo many positive experience, what I didn't expect. I hit a wall many times with new world's wines when met them first, because I had high expectations. Today I know that it should be looked a little different view by a lokal patriot as me. I often make a mistake to search our domestic habits, flavours, and therefore important to look around beyond the borders.

These wines from Trapiche winery (Mendoza) and all of them were pleasant adventure. Fragrance of Chardonnay 2011 was a "beneficent slap in my face" to invite me to drink more from Argentina! Rich and strong aromas, which do not allow to smell long, because we want to taste immediately. It is an oak cask winefamily, and altough alcohol is a little bit high and usually we fear the number 13,5% I have to say that it is so round!

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